Things aren’t going the way you planned.
Or things are just going nowhere.
Or things took a huge turn and now you’re in unfamiliar territory.

    • Are you:
  • Feeling stuck in the ruts and muck, longing for your unique direction?
  • Frustrated with lackluster business and income results?
  • Asking “What am I going to do when I grow up?”
  • Aching for confidence in your direction and how to get there?
  • Restless to re-examine your priorities and possibilities?

At Pathway Consulting, Lawren Watson provides Transformation Coaching for Business Growth and Transition clients. To transform means to transcend the form of the present with new awareness, tools, and insight. It means understanding obstacles and options, and then finding the right professional tools to create the clients’ goals. It starts with a simple step- sign up for a free Breakthrough Discovery Session.


The Art of Victory: A Pathway To Peace When Your World Goes Crazy

  • Discover the driver of massive success
  • Uncover the roadblocks and the source of frustration
  • Erase uncertainty with powerful confidence
  • Understand the 4 powers of your Zone of Genius


  • In a global survey of clients who recieved professional coaching, the median return on investment was 700% over the initial investment.
  • 28% of those respondents reported that their ROI was between 10 and 50 times the investment.
  • Almost 20% of survey participants said they had gotten more than 50 times their initial investment through coaching.
  • The International Coaching Federation’s global surveys show that 98.5% of people who enroll in professional coaching say that it was “well worth the money.”

98.5% of people say it was “well worth the money”

You see the bigger picture, and can clearly see my blind spots. Pointing them out was absolutely essential and you did it in gentle, but effective ways. Your non-judgmental attitude helped me …
Lisa J.