Larry Watson
Pathway Consulting
859 635-5599

Larry Watson is a facilitator for massive success and positive transformation. His clients are independent business professionals, or survivors emerging from uninvited chaos, who come to him frustrated, confused, uncertain, and lacking clear direction . As a professional coach, Larry helps them discover their gifts and dissolve the obstacles to extraordinary results. By defining their Zone of Genius, they find the ultimate driver to success and confidence.

Having survived cancer, divorce, job loss, and heart failure, Larry has the personal experience and tools for emerging from uninvited change to help those who feel the freefall that comes after the crisis. These clients are ready to re-examine their direction, empowered to create a life of their dreams.

Larry practices the craft of speechifying as president of his Toastmasters club, and has won the Area contest of the International speech contest. See the speaking page for more experiences.

Demonstrating leadership practices, he has served on boards and advisory committees for New Thought Unity Center (president), Ky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen (president), Ky Museum of Art & Craft, and the Ky Artisan Center @ Berea.

Larry served as adjunct professor at Northern Kentucky University; has been certified by the University of Massachusetts’ in training and development. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Eastern Kentucky University.

Larry has been a member and facilitator of the Legacy Center for Business Development for 6 years, and is certified in the Change Catalyst Transformation system.

Larry’s passion is facilitating the journey and clearing the obstacles to extraordinary results.

As a consultant for the Kentucky Peer Advisory Network serving non-profits and artists in best business practices, he is ideally equipped to analyze and upgrade business models, revenue streams, and sales funnels.

His book “Rough Pieces” is a revealing treasure map of his journey through cancer and the amazing gifts that he discovered in the process. Dedicated to serving those who have been through similar uninvited changes, Larry speaks and conducts workshops nationally, and serves organizations and individuals in discovering purpose and passion.

Larry is an experienced business owner that has the tools for success. He has been an entrepreneur for 25 years, first as founder of nationally recognized Watson Clay Art, an independent pottery studio in Kentucky. He has written for AEQAI.com, a national award-winning online art critical magazine. He has been designated Artist Emeritus, a lifetime achievement award from the Kentucky Arts Council.