• Before You PUKE. . .

    PUKE is the acronym for People Uttering Knowledge about Everything. In other words, more than you wanted to know, more than you needed, mostly irrelevant.

    That’s what we do. A lot. We think we have to pile up the information in front of them so they can be duly impressed. Instead, they become confused and listless.

    I was working with a client who asked me to help prepare for an interview with a Fortune 100 company. He seemed determined to impress with the full breadth of his expertise and experience.

    He wanted to PUKE.

    The fact is, any job interview, short term or long, can be very similar to an enrollment conversation.

    If you don’t know what’s important to the interviewer, you can’t give pertinent, important, and significant details of how you can solve their problems. If you don’t know their needs, they’re never going to see that you are their ideal solution.

    And it’s funny how the interviewers like to ask ambiguous questions. Ever notice that?

    It’s important to work on that first step to gain clarity and develop a strategy.

    My client got the job. Results Now.

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    Larry Watson