• Can I ever be Enough?

    As I was driving home from an event yesterday, I felt this pull on me to stop and get some food. I realized that I had plenty of food at home, and I wasn’t really that hungry. I wanted something more. I wanted more. MORE. I surprised myself with the realization that I was fooled by my mind into believing I didn’t have enough. Not only did my mind tell me that I did not have enough, I wasn’t enough. I felt I need more to be enough.

    Oh. That’s been a theme in my life. Not enough. Anyone out there feel that one resonate in their bones

    We live in a world of comparison. We started out that way beginning in the first grade. Not only are we compared with perfection with our grades of A, B, C, D, F, but then we see how we compare to other people in the class. As we get older we see that we’re graded on a curve, which is a construct based on how the entire group’s grades. We’re compared in sports and competitions, in how many friends we have, our size (small enough, big enough, wide enough, narrow enough…). Then we might be compared on whether we have enough money and stuff, which is not determined by us, but by our parents, anyway. At least not until we’re adults. Then it starts all over again


    When will I let go of the Not Enough Syndrome?

    Even this is a  scary thought. If I let go of being not enough, will I pursue anything at all? Will I just throw my hands up and stop trying?

    Any of this sound familiar?

    The point is, feeling Not Enough is part of the human condition. If you’ve felt that way, let’s find a way to reel in that obsesseion with having/getting/being MORE. When is it enough?

    Are you ready to get started?