• Fear = It’s Go Time!

    Fear = It’s Go Time!

    I’m so amazed at how often fear is my reaction. Have you had that happen; you get confronted with a chance to do something new, and your get a jolt of fear.

    Maybe you don’t. I do.

    Up until now.

    This morning I got what I asked for. And I felt the fear. I asked my TBN networking group for a speaking opportunity. My purpose in speaking before people is to make a difference in their lives and let people could get to know me. Right there and then at this networking group I was invited to speak at a business association. Yayy! Aaach!

    My eyes lit up while my brow began to sweat.

    As I’m learning more about this 6 pounds of gray matter called my brain, I can look at that fear a little more objectively. I can reframe, pivot, etc. etc.

    I said I can reframe, I didn’t say that I do it. All the time. It’s a work in progress; I see the light, and I’m heading toward it.

    I am willing to stop and look at the fear as an indicator that this might be the pathway to my greatness. If I look back, I can see how nearly every opportunity that showed up in my face that could propel me into a new level of success – another opportunity for prosperity – brought with it a sense of “fear” rising in my belly.

    Each time I get the chance to express the gifts that I possess, there is a part of me that says “it could be dangerous!” And each time that I rolled by that roadblock, I grew, I prospered, I expressed, I made a difference.

    I said Yes, even when my fears said no.

    I’m beginning to internalize and live from the truth that fear is often my signpost to experiencing my potential. Fear is the alarm button that says sounds like “Danger Will Robinson!” when it is frequently a fanfare of bugles announcing my imminent expansion.

    That fear is merely the growing green edge of my comfort zone. I can Decide to step through it, or just stay in mediocrity.

    Sometimes I have to wear a path through that growing green edge in order to claim my potential. And beyond that is the next step.

    I might as well get comfortable with fear and see it as Go Time!