• How Can You Leap Across the Gap?

    Are you focused on the distance to your dreams?

    Is the Gap between here and there dominating your thoughts?

    I have a dartboard in my house that I use primarily as a wake up tool after an afternoon power nap. Something about the eye-hand coordination thing seems to make me energized and alert.

    This doesn’t mean I’m any good at it.

    Yesterday I was playing a game and I was getting frustrated with my usual inaccuracy. I thought, “It would be nice if I was standing a foot away, then I could take the dart and stab it into the target – I couldn’t miss!”

    Without really thinking about it, I started throwing the darts with that image in mind. I imagined that there was no distance between me and my target, and suddenly my accuracy improved.

    Our perception of the distance to our dreams and goals has the same effect on how likely we are to achieve them. When we’re looking at the dream from “way back here,” we see the separation, and that is easily our primary focus, our distraction.

    If we see the dream or goal from within the experience of it, the distance is no longer our focus. The experience of being and fulfilling the dream is the driver to that achievement.

    Step up in your mind face to face with your dreams and goals this year. Hold them close. Experience the realization of your possibilities, and Be the out-picturing of your potential.

    This is what I love to help people do and be.