• Is it aligned with my Core Values?

    This is question number two for my clients when they’re exploring their fantasy goals to create a life that lifts them up. (See the other test questions below)

    The first assessment that my coaching clients complete when they start working with me is the Core Values Assessment. Why is this so important?

    When we are in alignment with our core values in the pursuit of our goals and dreams, there is no conflict with our true self. When you are out of alignment with your core values, whether at home or at work, everything can seem sour, muddy,  and dragging you down; Sound familiar? Guess how I know.

    That simple question (Is it aligned with my Core Values?) will be easy to answer if you’ve done the foundational work of discovering your core values.

    And when you ask yourself the questions, it will be obvious if the answer is yes or no by how it feels in your body. The body is your barometer of what is the right answer for you. Pay attention to what your body does as you hold a thought, such as your goals and dreams. Does it feel good, or does it feel sour? Does it give you wings?

    You and I, working together, let’s find out.

    The 5 Tests for gauging your goals:

    • Does it make me come alive?
    • Is it aligned with my Core Values?
    • Will it make me grow?
    • Do I need help from a higher power?
    • Is there good in it for others?

    Appreciating you, Lawren

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