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The Power To Succeed: The Zone of Genius in Your Career

Only 17% of employees are “engaged” in their work with a sense of common purpose. The level of enthusiasm that you and your (fellow) employees bring to your work will determine your levels of success. The level of excitement you bring to your work is a magnet.

  • Tap into unlimited energy
  • Foster high engagement and high performance
  • Create collaboration and synergy in projects and common goals.

What if accessing that enthusiasm and excitement were easy, powerful, and energizing?

The Zone of Genius is the how, why, and superwhy of your unique expression of values, strengths, passions, and purpose that can drive everything you do to new levels of success. If you’ve been settling for your  Zone of Competence in your work, then maybe it’s time to discover the bigger, bolder you that is waiting to step up and contribute to your company and the world, making a difference for everyone around you.


Positive Communication: Navigating the Land Mines In Business

  • Self Differentiation = Freedom
  • Explaining is the First Act of War
  • “Foreign Languages” Swallow the Message
  • The Neuroscience of Conflict That Shuts You Down
  • What You Think of Me Is None of My Business
  • When No Means Yes

How often does the message get lost in the emotions? Would you like to find a translator sometimes? Why do people react that way? There are actual answers to these questions! Discover the source and solution of communication land mines for you, your colleagues, clients, and those who are closest to you.

Stress-Busting for Professionals

Professionals need coping skills for the stress, conflict, and financial pressures that they work in. This program is designed to directly address this need, giving them the ability to serve their clients with clarity and the highest professionalism, and eliminating debilitating distractions.

  • Understand and use neuroscience tools for stopping the brain’s tendencies to catastrophize, stress, or create loops of anxiety.
  • Understand three proven exercises for reducing stress.
  • Understand and use self-differentiation for reducing relationship anxiety and improving collaboration.
  • Understand the process of claiming the Zone of Genius so we can know and use this driver to success, without being exhausted.
  • Discover how to reverse and harness stress for good.

Finding the source of stress and solutions to frustration can not only make the workplace more bearable, but it can increase dramatically the effectiveness of their service in all areas of health, work, and relationships.

Neuroscience shows that a work experience will be perceived as negative if the ratio of positive to negative interactions falls below 5:1. Poor communication is one of the biggest factors in the perception of negative interactions, and affects workplace engagement.

Understanding our strengths, core values, and passions allows us to live and work with an intention that gives us joy and peace of mind, and accelerates effectiveness with dramatic results.



Attracting Membership: The Non-profit Accelerator

Volunteer, business, and networking groups attract members who want to serve their community, and they come from all walks of life. Through an interactive process, this talk allows us to explore and define key success factors for a blossoming membership organization.

  • Who are the ideal members?
  • Are you clear about what attracts the ideal member?
  • How do they find you?
  • What is your default accelerator?
  • Why do they stay?

Taking the time to understand these key factors in growth is the same process that is used in any viable business. Put these best practices to work in your organization.

This is a workshop style program with group input.