• Test #3: Will It Make You Grow?

    Test #3: Will it make me grow?

    When we’re looking at our goals, dreams, and desires, you have the opportunity to guage how much these goals make sense for you. If they don’t qualify, you will not sustain the work and progress necessary to attain them. If it doesn’t qualify, it’s time to look again. (See the 5 Tests below.

    “Will it make me grow?” is one of the five questions to ask yourself when you think you’ve found your destination. In a way, this can sound counter-intuitive; isn’t it about what I’m going to GET out of this?

    Yes, AND it’s about what you’re using and expanding in your consciousness. It’s about how you grow to contribute to  the people and situations around you. It’s about becoming you in all your glory.

    Guess how I know?

    How does this contribute to sustainable success?  There are too many ways to count. Stimulation. Enthusiasm. Innovation. Value-added.

    You have the opportunity to look at where you are right now, what you’re doing currently. Does it make you grow?

    If the answer is no, how long do you want this to go on? Do you have a plan in place to change that? Has it worked?

    Maybe it’s time to get some help.

    Guess how I know.

    The 5 Tests for gauging your goals:

    • Does it make me come alive?
    • Is it aligned with my Core Values?
    • Will it make me grow?
    • Do I need help from a higher power?
    • Is there good in it for others?

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