"Transforming Change Into Personal Gold”

Lawren Watson

I set people on fire.

My clients are professionals who wish they could turn around uninvited change and create dynamic accelerated success.

My clients come to me uncertain, confused, frustrated, scared, a lack of direction –in business And in life.

What I do is help them get out of their own way, create accelerated success in their business and their life, build sustainable business models, coach them to operate in their Zone of Brilliance for achieving extraordinary success.

The Book
“Rough Pieces: The Treasure Map of a Cancer Survivor’s Journey”

“I didn’t see it as anything remarkable: How much choice did I have? Heroes are not born—they’re cornered. This was not an easy road, and anything less than dermination was not going to get me anywhere.”

~Lawren Watson


“I was so taken aback by the the incredible journey of a Cancer Survivor.”

“I was not aware of a persons struggle, and rough road on their journey to healing and self discovery.”

“I could not put this book down. Each and every page led me to learn the facets of a strong and willing person whose love for life was invincible. If you know someone or are someone with this journey, I believe this book will inspire, and uplift their spirits to be all they can be.”

While the subject matter could be difficult, Lawren makes the story very engaging as the reader follows their journey to health. As a fellow cancer survivor many of the emotions and experiences resonated with me and made their strength seem even more inspiring. As a story of difficulty, struggle and victory everyone should read this book as a celebration of life.

~Rachel H.

“I began working with Lauren during a very transitional period in my life, and the insights and tools that they have offered me have been invaluable. Not only did they create a safe space for me to dive into various work and relationship issues, but they also provided me with tangible practices to create a sense of structure and vision in my life. Since we began working together, I accepted a new position at work, grew my small business, and have seen great improvement in my personal relationship dynamics. I highly recommend working with Lauren if you are looking for an empathetic ear, a sense of structure, and a holistic approach to making positive lasting changes in your life.”

~Lisa J.

“You see the bigger picture, and can clearly see my blind spots. Pointing them out was absolutely essential and you did it in gentle, but effective ways. Your non-judgmental attitude helped me to be more open with you, and therefore allowed you to see my blind spots even more clearly.

You have surely “earned your stripes” in life; your experience and perspective were invaluable – I’m talking to someone who has been far beyond where I have been, and that makes you uniquely qualified to help other people who are transitioning from being “run off the road” by life. You’re a wonderfully supportive coach, and I deeply appreciate your willingness to take me on and the insights we were able to uncover.”

~Shannon D.

“When I approached Lawren about life coaching, I was very unhappy and thought my job was the cause. I thought I may need to make a job change, but was stuck on what direction to go next. I didn’t want to quit my good job if I didn’t need to and yet I couldn’t figure out how to make changes to prevent the exit. With Lawren’s program I began to look at my life in a broader sense: relationships, life goals, activities that bring joy, values, etc. Through this examination, I realized that there were other things I was doing that were counter to bringing joy and happiness into my life. We began to work on these areas and by the end all I wanted to do was give myself time to rest, relax and reflect which I had rarely allowed during my adult life. I also realized that I needed this in order to move forward with the job evaluation. Now I am focusing on giving myself time to rest and I am feeling happier. I have greater awareness on what I can and cannot control which will help me maintain this new found happiness.”

~Donna H.

I met Lawren at a cancer community in Cincinnati, Ohio where they were the featured speaker. I listened with keen interest as they spoke about different topics but when they mentioned “Zone of Genius” I was hooked. Because I was in the middle of selling my home and moving to a different state I was not able to employ Lawren’s virtual coaching service in a very timely manner and I wasn’t sure that it was what I was looking for. Lawren’s patient mannerism and information sharing won me over.

I feel that I have gotten my money’s worth and then some. Even though our spiritual belief systems are different, Lawren was still able to convey the things I needed to learn in a nonthreatening way. They have my utmost respect for this consideration. Their upbeat style was pleasant and a constant factor each week.

The information they shared was well thought, well planned, and appropriate for my circumstances. I intend to use as much of it as I can in my daily living. I have hope again as I have come out of a very toxic career experience. I am leaving that feeling of being a victim behind and I’m reaching out to experience life in a more positive way. My energy is increasing as I expand my belief system and start my new life from scratch. (Guess I’ll hold on for the ride. LOL)

Thanks Lawren.

~Jeff Fink, Dayton, KY

“Some make life altering changes in how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. You have been that, for sure. By simply watching you walk the talk, I felt complete confidence in your ability as a life coach. I’m beyond pleased with the “results” of our sessions, as you have opened my eyes to options I was not even aware of.  Live, learn, grow. Repeat.”

~Joanne Harris, Cincinnati, OH

“I had been in the corporate world and left after feeling the soul drained from me. Lawren helped me to focus my core values and zone of genius into a plan that allows me to carry forward with a passion only I can bring to the world. Lawren reminded me that every step of the way I need to stop and celebrate me, my life and all that is alive!  Thank you, Lawren!”

~Debba Haupert, Cincinnati, OH

“Lawren actually has changed my life and the way I work as an entrepreneur! They have influenced the way I manage my business and plan my day – something I deeply value as a passionate entrepreneur who needs effective resources like Lawren. I highly recommend Lawren!”

~Sally Raymond, Columbus, OH

“I’m always seeking to understand myself and find my purpose, so I’ve done a lot of self-work.  However, this process has uncovered more about who I am and what’s really stopping me than I would’ve ever figured out on my own.  For me, this has been the most enlightening and honest work I have ever done for myself. “

Additional Quotes From Clients:

  • “With Lawren, I’ve gotten much more personal work done in these 12 weeks than I have in the last 10 years.

  • “I was surprised at how efficiently Lawren was able to take a statement I made and look at it in such a way that I was forced to see how my projection gave away my power. In some cases, these sorts of revelations were breathtaking in precision. I have met few people who were as gentle, yet surgical in their perception through to the Truth of a situation or circumstance.”

  • “You helped me to see and deal with my self-defeating issues in a gentle nudging way. I needed to look directly into my mirror. Thank you.”

  • “This whole experience is one that will be a “before and after” moment for me.”

  • “The coaching journey began as me trying to figure out where my values played out in my choices in life. Lawren was excellent at guiding me through this point to where I could see my passions beginning to take action.”

  • “Lawren cares deeply enough about my growth to be firm in holding my “mirror” up to me, because I needed to really look at what I was seeing.”

  • “The exercises are expanding in nature and fine tuned for my unique interests, talents and personal strengths.”

  • “Lawren’s a wonderfully supportive coach, and I deeply appreciate the insights we were able to uncover”.

  • “Lawren sees the bigger picture, and can clearly see the blind spots. Pointing them out was absolutely essential and they did it in gentle, but effective ways.”

  • “It’s been very easy to work with Lawren. They’ve given me something I can take to the bank, as I let me be more of who I really am, and attract people and opportunities that create success.”

  • “Lawren, through their coaching, helped me to discover my strengths. They also helped me to focus on these skills and talents which gave me a sense of self confidence and direction. This new awareness of myself helped me to look at life in a new light.”

  • “I was surprised by the things that I learned that could be tied to my belief system. My expectations [for coaching] were exceeded.”

  • “I feel more confident about myself and what I have to offer as a person, an employee, an entrepreneur, or whatever else I decide to become.”

  • “It was a pleasure to look forward each week to speak to someone who had my best interest in mind.”