• Tips & Tools: Obstacles to Success


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    I know. It’s not a sexy subject, is it? But how often do forgiveness opportunities show up in your day?

    How does forgiveness work? There are so many ways to look at it. And I have to try different approaches to see what will work for ME. And you will have to do the same.

    Forgiveness isn’t only about other people, there are plenty of times I would like to forgive myself.

    One way of looking at forgiveness is letting someone off the hook. Not that it’s OK what they, or I, did. We have to be able to identify what is a violation of our ethics or morals so that we can avoid it in the future, set boundaries.

    I remember one person saying they forgave someone, and each time the other person abused their trust. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting. It means letting go of wishing we could change the past.

    But we can let them off the hook. Because all the suffering, up until now, is likely from me pulling so hard on the rope of anger and resentment and judgment. And what’s on the other end of that rope? Me. No one else.

    I’m letting me off the hook, from being the moral arbitrator and judge. It’s a lot of work that gets me nowhere, so it’s time to let it go.

    These are APPLIED tips, so how does this apply to me, you might ask.

    How is this practical? Well, as I’ve worked with my coaching clients, almost all of them come to me with forgiveness opportunities  with either people at work, or intimate relationships, and especially extended family: parents, children, siblings. Any of that sound familiar?

    After exploring and applying forgiveness tools,  including this one The results have been astounding. Peace, energy, compassion.

    This is the tip of the iceberg of your obstacle. Don’t let it sink your ship.

    Larry Watson

    Applied Transformation Coach for Professionals

    P.S. Message me so we can find your iceberg before it rips up your success. larry@pathwayconsult.com