• Unleash Your Intuitive Frequency

    In some forgotten research I found out that lighthouses are not all the same. Certainly, a captain sailing a ship should know exactly where he is when he sees a lighthouse, and therefore should know which harbor he is about to enter.

    But, Larry , a good captain leaves nothing to chance.

    A lighthouse has a rotating spot light that shines out in a 360 degree arc, around and around and around. The distinguishing signature of each lighthouse is the speed at which the light rotates, otherwise known as the Frequency.

    How many seconds it takes for the light to come around and flash again at a relatively static ship tells the captain which lighthouse he is approaching. If it is the frequency of the harbor and lighthouse s/he is seeking, they will safely steer into port with complete confidence that this harbor will serve them as they anticipated.

    Frequency is a term that is used in a lot of applications. And it applies to my work as a professional coach. The systems, style and approach that I use with my clients is the frequency that attracts the perfect client. They can sense who I am and what I’m about by the tenor of my language and the values that I project across the vast ocean of possibilities.

    People don’t really analyze this frequency, nor can they describe what it should look like before witnessing it in person. They’re unaware, perhaps, of the frequency that they are at, or the frequency they would like to find; the harbor of opportunity and growth.

    This frequency is a big part of intuition. When considering something new, is there a sense of harmony in the frequency, does it elevate to a powerful, pure pitch of expansion in the gut? One thing I know; the idea of stepping into your greatness can seem pretty scary, and the frequency might seem almost overwhelming. That’s the sign that you are on the right path. Those are the footprints, the trail markers to ignite your possibilities and dreams into reality.

    Maybe it’s not fear that one feels when faced with the prospect of attaining your dreams. Maybe it’s excitement. Breathe into it, and step confidently, knowing that someone is standing solidly by your side.

    Reach out to me for that curiosity conversation to discover if there is a match in our frequency, and a path to your dreams. It’s a safe harbor.

    Larry Watson
    Breakthrough Coach
    859 635-5599