• What Is Your Core?

    Who are you at your core?

    The vitality and beauty that you create and exude are the result of your core, just like the Earth.

    The earth is a unique planet because of its core. It is this molten magma center that is the source of diversity and vibrant life. Not only because it is a source of warmth or heat. It is because of the electromagnetic field that reaches beyond the physical limits of the core.

    This electromagnetic field creates a protective barrier out in space that prevents most of the sun’s harmful rays from reaching the surface of our planet. Because of this nurturing field, life on Earth is abundant.

    Your core, the essence of who you are that lies beneath the surface of your physical experience is the reason you have the diversity of your experience. It creates the safe space for the ceaseless, restless, creative force to perform it’s magic.

    The surface of this planet is incredibly thin compared to the thickness of the Earth. A mere 5 to 25 miles of soil, ocean, rock, and hardened lava separate us from the magma beneath (and sometimes not!), while the molten core of the Earth is thousands of miles deep. Just like this human illusion of immensity we have when we look at the mountains and oceans of our planet, our daily experiences can seem like mountains and hurricanes tossing us about.

    Just like Earth, we have a core that is undisturbed by these surface tempests. Just like Earth, our essence is a dominating force that continues to spawn life and beauty on the surface of our human experience. Our core is not dependent on the temporary life-spans of the surface existence. It is virtually timeless and constant.

    Take comfort in the temporary nature of your human, surface life. Revel in your beauty that your essence harbors, and in the diversity of life-expanding permutations in you – and in your fellow planetoids. All the while knowing your essence is the life-force of every experience.